White Prawns Whole (Medium)

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Gross 500gm
Net 18 to 20 (Pieces)

No Antibiotic No Preservative Craving for prawns? Order White Prawns from Halalbox and cook your favourite seafood delicacies quickly. Our white prawns are directly sourced from the coast. At Halalbox, our team thoroughly cleans before sending it packing. Prawns are a good source of selenium and vitamin B12. Prawns are the juiciest and extremely meaty. Savour each and every bite of your favourite prawns hot and fresh. Shallow fry the prawns and serve it as starters or cook them into a curry simmered with coconut and enjoy it with rice or chapatti. Order White Prawns from Halalbox and get it delivered within 90 minutes. Ways to cook: Fry, Barbecue, Sauté

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