Mutton Paya

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100% Farm Fresh No Preservatives For those of you who are calorie conscious, there is nothing more strengthening than Mutton paya. Mutton paya is a portion of meat that is made into a stew from trotters. The feet of goat and the bones from the leg contain rich gelatin marrow content with thick meat. Mutton paya soup or stew is highly nutritious and must be consumed especially if there is a calcium deficiency in your body. Contrary to the belief, mutton is known to be leaner than lamb, beef and chicken as well. Mutton Paya is used to either cook curry or soup. You can even roast it and serve it as a starter before the main course or cook it into a curry which can be savoured with Biryani, Rice, Paratha or Roti. In a typical serve, goat meat has lesser calories and fat as compared to chicken. It has lower amount of saturated fats and cholesterol which makes it one of the healthiest meats.

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