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Chicken Leg Boneless

The most-in demand restaurant menu is now easy to cook at home. gives you chicken leg boneless. Order the most succulent tender cut bonele...

Rs 215.00

Net 500gm

Chicken Wingettes

Halal's newest offering - Chicken Wingettes - is now at your disposal for ordering online. Order chicken wingettes at the lowest prices as per ...

Rs 100.00

Net 15pieces
Sold Out
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Chicken Breast Whole

100% Farm Fresh No Preservatives What makes chicken breast more preferable over other forms? Well, they are easy to cook, they taste superbly...

Rs 179.00

Net 500gm

Mutton Chops

Mutton chops are ribs of a goat which have a rich taste and are a perfect choice for preparing Indian delicacies. Were you craving for delicious Mutto...

Rs 299.00

Gross 620gm
Net 500gm

Mutton Curry Cut

100% Farm Fresh No Preservatives Make your Sunday lunch exciting with an aromatic Mutton Curry served with rice or paratha. At Halalbox, our meat ...

Rs 270.00

Gross 620gm
Net 500gm

Mutton Paya

100% Farm Fresh No Preservatives For those of you who are calorie conscious, there is nothing more strengthening than Mutton paya. Mutton paya is ...

Rs 250.00

Net 4pieces


No Antibiotic No Preservative Rohu fish is a hot favourite of every Bengali household. This fish is quite versatile and can be cooked in several w...

Rs 225.00

Net 1000gm
Sold Out
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Bombil (Bombay Duck)

No Antibiotic No Preservative Bombay Duck or more commonly known as Bombil is a type of fish found in the Arabian sea. These fishes taste really a...

Rs 150.00

Net 400

White Prawns Whole (Medium)

No Antibiotic No Preservative Craving for prawns? Order White Prawns from Halalbox and cook your favourite seafood delicacies quickly. Our white p...

Rs 395.00

Gross 500gm
Net 18 to 20 (Pieces)
Sold Out
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Chicken Cheese Balls

Rs 179.00

Net 250gm
Sold Out
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Chicken Reshmi Kabab

Rs 225.00

Net 250gm

Chicken Pahadi Kabab

Rs 190.00

Net 250gm

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New Arrivals

Chicken Liver

Order chicken liver at your home (minimum quantity 500 gm) and have it delivered at your h...

Rs 80.00

Net 500 gm

Chicken Drumstick

100% Farm Fresh No Preservatives Chicken drumstick is the bone from the lower leg o...

Rs 175.00

Gross 500 - 600 gm
Net 5-6 pieces

Chicken Whole (Skinless)

100% Farm Fresh No Preservatives Looking to buy fresh and tender chicken for a whol...

Rs 230.00

Net 1000 gm - 1200gm

Chicken Turkish Kabab

Rs 199.00

Net 250gm
Ms. Ishita Kumar
I never could chop or cut chicken and mutton pieces finely to perfection that's why I decided to give a try. They home-deliver finely chopped halal-cut chicken and mutton pieces. All that remains is to cook the meat. Keep up the good work guys!
Mr. Mohammad Kotawala
I hated going to the market on weekends and spending hours shopping for chicken or mutton. That's when I discovered Halalbox and started ordering chicken, mutton and fish online. They deliver within 90 minutes and the meat is halal-cut and fresh.
Mr. Akshay Rane
I was tired of having frozen chicken as it tasted and smelled weird. My friend recommended for ordering fresh halal-cut meat online. Now, I always order meat from as it is finely cut, fresh without any preservatives. Highly recommended!
Mr. Abdul Karim Sumra
I have order twice, My first order was Chicken Curry Cut which was delivered on time and liked the quality of the chicken and it was definitely felt fresh.
Mr. Shyam Gupta
Superb Delivery. Meat quality was excellent
Mr. Abhay Yadav
Great quality and service! Haven't had such good quality meat delivered home